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11 Best Scuba Diving Spots in the Mediterranean

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They know the Mediterranean, full stop. Not only the individual locations, but how to travel between countries without any hassles. 

John Ramos

Being Italian-American, my expectations were high. I'm happy to report that they were met and exceeded! Highly recommended, FIVE stars!

Lisa Bellucci

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Our Signature Tour - Rome to the Amalfi Coast

This is the best of both worlds: vibrant, historic Rome, and the serene beauty of the Amalfi Coast. Travel with a small group and experience the most coveted treasures of Italy. From the ancient monuments, to the bustling piazzas, to the world’s best cuisine, you will taste it all! (Extend your stay for three nights to discover the height of Renaissance splendor in Florence.)


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It is our pleasure and our passion to introduce curious travelers to the “Best of the Best” from this alluring corner of the globe. The Mediterranean -- the birthplace of Western Civilization and home to its mythical landscapes, where there are endless opportunities to indulge your wanderlust. Come with us on this adventure!

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