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Best Backpack Purses For Traveling the Mediterranean

Backpack purses have been increasing in popularity in recent years, and as such, so does the range of backpack purses on the market. There’s a reason they’re getting so much attention; backpack purses can be a stylish accessory, but they’re also a very handy alternative to traditional purses. 

With so many available, you might be struggling to decide which brand to go with when traveling the Mediterranean. Struggle no more- the following article will list six of the best backpack purses on the market, before providing a buyer’s guide to the leather backpack purse, and answering some of the most frequently asked questions regarding backpack purses.

1. Pincnel Women Backpack Purse Waterproof Nylon Anti-theft 

Pincnel Women Backpack Purse Waterproof Nylon Anti-theft

This Pincnel backpack purse is made with durable leather and nylon fabric. There are a number of compartments on this purse.

These include one main pocket, two exterior pockets, two interior pockets, as well as one interior back zipper. It comes in multiple colors, and you can pick between two sizes. You can also adjust the shoulder straps, like with a traditional backpack, and the strap is also detachable. 


  • Many compartments: There are as many compartments on this backpack purse as could possibly fit, so you’ll be able to carry all manner of items, regardless of their size.
  • Water resistant: You won’t have to worry about rain damaging the bag. 


  • No laptop compartment: While your laptop may fit in the biggest compartment, there’s no compartment designed specifically for this device, unlike with the majority of traditional backpacks.

Obviously it isn’t a traditional backpack, but we can’t see any reason it couldn’t have a compartment for safely storing your laptop, especially considering that many of the backpack purses of this size do have this compartment.

As well as on Amazon, the Pincnel backpack purse can also be purchased on Ubuy

2. Vis & Viotco Backpack Purse For Women

Vis & Viotco Backpack Purse For Women

This Vis & Viotco backpack purse is made with plush synthetic leather, and the compartments have double zippers, meaning you can open the bag from either side. The compartments include a main compartment, one zip pocket at the front, two inside pockets, and two pockets on the side. The front pocket of the bag uses a buckle, allowing for easy access to your smallest items. 


  • Removable strap: If you want to use the bag as a traditional purse, you can do so. 
  • Comes in four colors: With four different colors available, there’ll likely be one to catch your eye.


  • May not be suitable for long shoulder wear: There have been some customer reports of the bag becoming uncomfortable when worn on the shoulder for a long period of time, especially when it’s carrying multiple heavier items.

3. Vera Bradley Leather Carryall Backpack

Vera Bradley Leather Carryall Backpack

The Vera Bradley leather backpack is made from very soft leather, and the quilting on the front pocket lends it a timeless aesthetic. It’s an ideal choice for an office accessory or a casual one. There’s two side pockets, three interior slip pockets, and a hidden compartment for your phone. It comes in multiple colors, and while it’s bigger than the average purse, it’s also smaller than the average backpack. 


  • Hidden phone pocket: You’ll be able to safely store your mobile phone in the bag. 
  • Plenty of room: There are a number of compartments in this backpack purse, so you won’t be running out of space easily. 


  • Front pocket only has one zipper: Unlike other backpack purses whose front pockets will have two zippers so you can open it from either side, you’ll need to open the front pocket all the way in order to access your items. There have also been some reports from customers that the front zipper could be easier to move. 

The Vera Bradley leather carryall backpack can also be purchased on Real Simple, and on the Vera Bradley official website

4. Miss Fong Leather Backpack

Made from polyurethane leather (or PU leather) on the outside and nylon on the inside, the Miss Fong backpack purse has one main compartment with two zips and a padded sleeve for laptops, three pockets for phones or pens, a zip mesh pocket, two exterior zipper pockets on the front, as well as two insulated side pockets.

For extra comfort, the back panel and the shoulder straps of the bag are padded with expanded polyethylene. It’s also available in three different colors. 


  • Waterproof: The leather and the nylon will hold up well, no matter the weather. 
  • Extra comfort: The expanded polyethylene padding makes for more comfortable shoulder wear.


  • Chemical smell upon arrival: Some customers have reported that the bag has a strong chemical odor when it first arrives, but washing the bag tends to get rid of it. 

The product can also be found on the Miss Fong official website. 

5. RAVUO Women Backpack Purse

RAVUO Women Backpack Purse

The RAVUO backpack purse is made with soft synthetic leather, as well as solid anti-silver metal. There are 10 pockets, including two front zipper pockets, two side pockets, and an anti-theft zipper pocket on the back. Inside, there are three slip pockets, two zipper pockets, and one main zippered compartment. 


  • Multipurpose: The RAVUO bag can be used as a backpack, a handbag, or a shoulder bag. 
  • Reinforced handle: You won’t have to worry about the handle of the bag snapping. 


  • Smaller than the average backpack: While it does have many compartments, a lot of backpack purses are bigger in size. 

6. Gazigo Nylon Travel Backpack Purse

Gazigo Nylon Travel Backpack Purse

Not every backpack purse is made with leather. This Gazigo nylon travel backpack purse has nylon on the outside and cotton on the inside.

There are six compartments on the bag’s exterior, which include a large zipped front pocket, another zippered compartment, another small compartment at the front, two pockets on the side for small items, and a hidden pocket at the back. There are also both a zipper pocket and a larger zipper compartment inside the bag. 


  • High quality zippers: A lot of backpack purses have flimsy zippers that are either hard to maneuver or easily breakable, but that won’t be a problem with the Gazigo bag’s metal zippers. 
  • Lightweight: You won’t get many backpack purses more lightweight than this.


  • Quite small: If you’re looking for a backpack purse that’s closer to a backpack’s size than the size of a handbag, you might want to look elsewhere.

Backpack Purses: Buyer’s Guide

There are a number of things to consider when you’re in the market for a leather backpack purse, including the size, the quality of the leather, the price point, the bag’s durability, what you’ll be using the bag for, and the bag’s finish. 

Quality of the Leather

The majority of backpack purses will be made with synthetic leather. These bags often greatly resemble leather and feel like leather, but if you’re looking for something made with real leather you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Price Point

You also need to consider how much you’re willing to spend on a backpack purse. Price points range from fairly low to fairly high, depending on the quality of the leather or synthetic leather. Consider how much you’ll actually be using the bag, and whether it’s worth buying something more expensive. 

Durability of the Bag

All leather products, whether they’re made with real leather or synthetic leather, vary in terms of durability. If there are reviews for the product on the listing you’re looking at, check for negative reviews that might suggest the quality is lower than the listing promises.

When You’ll be Wearing the Bag

You’ll need to consider when you’ll be wearing the bag. If you’re only going to be using it to carry your essentials, you might be fine with a smaller bag, but if you’re going to regularly be needing the bag to carry many items (including heavier items like a laptop), you’ll be better off getting a bigger bag.

The sizes of these backpack purses can vary quite a bit, so be sure to check the dimensions before purchasing one. 


While style is important when it comes to choosing a backpack purse, it should never come before comfort. If you’re going to be wearing the bag regularly and for long periods of time, you’re going to want properly padded straps. Uncomfortable straps can cause problems for both your shoulders and your back, particularly if you’re carrying heavy items. 

It can be hard to know just how comfortable a bag is until you’ve worn it for a certain length of time, but you should at the very least be looking for adjustable straps. The negative reviews on the listing should also be a good indication of how comfortable the bag actually is. 

A lot of backpack purses will be convertible, so you’ll be able to wear them in more than one way. These bags offer more versatility, because carrying the bag as a handbag might be more suitable in certain occasions than wearing it as a backpack.

Being able to change the way you’re wearing/carrying the backpack purse will also help to further prevent shoulder or back pain, which is always a risk when you’re carrying heavy items. 


If you’re going to be spending a lot of money on a backpack purse, you’ll need to be thinking about how often you’ll be able to wear it. Think about all the clothes that you own; will the bag go with most of them, or only some of them?

You wouldn’t want to spend a considerable amount on a bag only to realize you can only wear it on specific occasions, or throughout specific seasons. A tan colored bag or a black colored bag will go with far more outfits than something sequined or furry. 


Another factor is the finish of the leather, of which there are multiple options, including glossy or matte. This is down to personal preference; some like matte, some like glossy. 

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Backpack Purses

Backpack purses are receiving more and more attention amongst fashion bloggers and influencers. Here are a couple of the most common questions customers tend to have concerning backpack purses.

What are the Benefits of Wearing a Backpack Purse Over Carrying a Regular Purse?

There are many benefits to wearing a backpack purse instead of carrying a traditional purse. The first difference between the two is surprisingly significant; some people who have carried handbags and purses for years find that the shoulder they most often use has become higher and tighter than the other shoulder.

Wearing a backpack purse will not only prevent further asymmetry, but will also be completely hands-free. Backpacks carry a lot more than traditional purses or crossbody bags, too, including heavier items.  

Backpack purses are generally a better option than shoulder bags for a number of reasons. Wearing a shoulder bag with heavy items inside can lead to a number of problems, including backaches, muscle tightness, decreased curve of your neck, headaches, and general neck strain that could result in serious injuries. 

Are Backpack Purses in Style?

There was a time when you might have deemed backpack bags most synonymous with schoolchildren or college students, but backpack purses, and all kinds of backpacks, are certainly in style. A variety of brands are releasing backpack purses and other modern backpacks, including Aldo, Michael Kors, and Universal Thread. 

Some of the other handbag trends to look out for as of 2021 are circular bags, leopard print totes, beaded bags, woven totes, suede bags, bottomless bags, clasp bags, satchel bags, and fanny packs. 


Backpack purses are very on-trend right now, and there are a large number of respected brands designing them. You should have several things in mind, though, when you’re in the market for a backpack purse.

Not every bag is going to be suitable for every occasion, outfit, or season. Make sure you’re considering factors like comfort, size, your personal budget, whether you want real leather or synthetic leather, and the durability of the bag you’re looking at. The best backpack purses for traveling the Mediterranean will depend on all of these factors.



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