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Best Greek Islands For Couples

With gorgeous beaches, incredible views, and delicious food, the Greek islands have long been a popular choice of destination for couples looking for a romantic break away. 

Each of the Greek islands have their own unique charm, but there are definitely some which are more geared towards friends looking for a boozy holiday or families with young children. 

Therefore, in this guide, we’ll take a closer look at 12 of the best Greek islands that are perfect for couples. What’s more, we’ll also look to answer a few of the frequently asked questions. 


Santorini - Best Greek Island For Couples!

The first Greek island on our list is perhaps the most popular of them all for couples – Santorini. Not only is this beautiful island the perfect romantic choice for couples in love, it’s also the ideal location for honeymooners and newlyweds. 

Santorini is best known for its blue-and-white buildings and incredible sunset views, so even if the island isn’t necessarily on your “must do” list, you’ll instantly recognize it from the several million beautiful captures on Instagram. 

If the sunset views leave you and your partner speechless, just wait until you check out the dome-speckled streets of Oia and Fira. While the design and construction of buildings might not be everyone’s cup of tea, the remarkable sculpted architecture of the caldera villages is both dramatic and unique. 

The only drawback to keep in mind is the fact that Santorini isn’t cheap. If you simply wander around the island and hope for the best, you’ll quickly spend all your money. Therefore, planning ahead is essential. 


While Kos is one of the largest islands in the Dodecanese, it can still provide the perfect destination for a quiet and romantic trip if you find the right spot. 

In all honesty, Kos has it all – whether you’re a history lover, foodie, or simply someone who wants to take in some Greek culture – there are plenty of fascinating things to do. 

The island is full of historical sights, with the Asklepion (ancient healing temple) right at the top of the list and the Agora similarly impressive. On the southern outskirts of Kos Town, there’s also a stunning Roman Odeon. 

What’s more, the convenient location of Kos makes it ideal for island-hopping adventures. The hidden gem of Kalymnos is definitely somewhere to check out, while the volcanic island of Nisyros is also a popular excursion. 


Naxos a Greek Island For Couples

The next Greek island on our list is Naxos, which is located on the eastern side of Paros (see number 5 on our list). Naxos is one of the largest islands in the Cyclades, however it’s often overshadowed by its well-known neighbors, Mykonos and Santorini. 

Nevertheless, the quiet and unspoilt nature of Naxos makes it a stunning location for couples to enjoy some romantic time together, without being surrounded by crowds of tourists. It’s also significantly cheaper than its more popular neighbors. 

If you and your partner are looking for an island with some beautiful sights to capture, Naxos provides the perfect aesthetic. The streets are lined with traditional Greek white-washed buildings and lots of pretty flowers, while there are countless restaurants serving the best fresh seafood and local wine. 

Naxos is also the greenest of all the islands in the Cyclades, with pretty little areas surrounded by verdant farmland and lush mountainous backdrops wherever you look. 


Of all the Greek islands, Crete is the largest with a coastline spanning more than 1,000 kilometers and an area of 8,500 square kilometers. Don’t feel overwhelmed though, Crete is comfortably one of the best locations for couples with a wide range of blockbuster ancient sites, beautiful beaches, and historic cities. 

Perhaps the most popular thing for couples to do in Crete is visit the Old Town of Chania, where you can wander around the historical town and port, before sitting down to enjoy the view with a cold refreshing drink and delicious meal. 

If you’re looking for somewhere with a beautiful, Instagram-worthy sunset, you can head to the west coast and visit Falassarna beach. With this in mind, another excellent beach to visit is Agiofarago beach, where you’ll find peace, seclusion, and incredibly clean water. 

Finally, couples who prefer to spend their time away from the beach, could head to the lush green haven of Zaros village. Here you’ll enjoy an abundance of green forests, as well as lakes, a gorge with a waterfall, and some stunning old churches – the perfect location for ultimate serenity. 


Paros best of the greek islands for couples in love

Located in the Cyclades, and lying between Santorini and Mykonos, is the dreamy island of Paros. Even though it’s larger than the two neighboring islands, Paros is considerably less expensive and doesn’t attract anywhere near as many tourists – contributing to a much more laid-back feel. 

If you’re looking for a Greek island which balances beautiful beaches with lots of exciting things to do, Paros is the ideal place for you and your partner to enjoy. 

Some of the best places to visit include the scenic Kolymbithres beach, the ancient ruins of the Venetian castle, and the idyllic fishing village of Naoussa. 

Furthermore, the island is also a popular destination for kitesurfing and windsurfing, and has a thriving nightlife scene. 


While Rhodes is actually situated closer to Turkey than Greece, it remains one of the most popular and versatile Greek islands for a well-deserved romantic getaway. 

The best place to start your trip in Rhodes is the fantastic medieval old town near the port. This is a UNESCO heritage site, and one of the most popular areas of the island, with charming restaurants, twisting streets, cute shops, and jaw-dropping views – a truly beautiful destination for couples 

Another place perfect for a romantic vacation in Rhodes is the stunning white-washed village of Lindos. Here you’ll find a small town atmosphere with gorgeous sandy beaches and idyllic views, as well as the archeological site of Lindos Acropolis. 

It’s also worth keeping in mind that Rhodes has the bonus of an international airport on the island, unlike many of the other islands on our list which are a little more difficult to reach. 


Best Greek Islands For Couples must include Chios 

If you and your partner share a particular interest in history, there are few places better for a romantic vacation than the fifth-largest Greek island, Chios,  located in the eastern Aegean Sea.

It might not be as well-known as many of the other Greek islands on our list, but this is a good thing as you definitely won’t have to worry about it being overly crowded with tourists. 

Chios provides the perfect getaway for couples, with quiet and beautiful beaches, museums, medieval villages, and plenty of charming cafes. Two of the best medieval villages to visit are Mesta and Pyrgi, as they both have plenty of cute boutique hotels, as well as a selection of tavernas to sample the local food. 

Another place you definitely shouldn’t miss out on is the Nea Moni Monastery which is a world heritage site. The 11th-century monastery was the site of a horrible massacre and has a dark story to tell, but it’s well worth the trip if you’re interested in history. 


Without a doubt one of the prettiest islands in Greece is Hydra and one of the best Greek Islands for couples seeking privacy. This charming spot is only a two-hour ferry ride from Athens, so it’s the perfect option if you’re looking to combine an island break with a trip to the capital. 

Hydra is also a vehicle-free island, so you won’t be disturbed the noise of traffic or scooter horns on your quiet romantic break. While there isn’t too much to see on Hydra, there are plenty of excellent swimming spots, hiking trails, and restaurants to keep you busy. 


Corfu, Greece, perfect for couples

If you’re looking for an island with a strong Venetian or French influence, Corfu is the place for you. It’s located in the north Ionian Sea, and provides an electric combination of Greek and foreign architecture. 

Corfu is perhaps best known for its stunning turquoise-colored water and lush green landscape, but it’s worth noting that there’s so much more to this island than what first meets the eye. 

For example, Corfu Town, the largest town on the island, features a couple of fortresses and a series of narrow, cobbled streets that are lined with stunning, soft-colored buildings. On these streets, you’ll find some cute shops, galleries, and boutiques. 

Another activity that’s essential for any romantic trip to Corfu is renting a scooter and taking a ride around the island. This is a great way to take in the beautiful sights and snap some photos to share with friends and family. 


The next Greek island on our list is Milos, a horseshoe-shaped island located in the southwest Cyclades. This trendy location is extremely romantic and provides a lovely chilled ambience that all couples will enjoy. 

In addition to the stunning beaches and landscape, Milos is also popular for its pretty villages, delicious food, and boat trips – making it the ideal destination for couples who love to explore. 

There are as many as seven villages you can visit on Milos, including the traditional fishing villages of Mandrakia and Klima. Some of these villages also have excellent swimming and diving spots where you can be taught by professional instructors. 

Finally, to witness one of the best sunsets you’ll ever see, make sure you head to the island’s main town, Plaka. Here you can either climb up to the kastro or the church of Panagia Korfiatissa, and take in the incredible view. 



If scuba diving is your thing, there are few options better than Agistri, located just a short one-hour ferry ride from the capital. This hidden gem might be relatively small compared to many of the other islands on our list, but it has plenty to keep you occupied for a number of days. 

In terms of scuba diving, there are several companies on the island that offer comprehensive dive packages for people of all ages and experience. So, while you won’t see some of the tropical fish found at other diving spots around the world, there’s plenty under the water that you’ll be able to enjoy and discover. 

There are two main villages on the island, Megalochori and Skala, with both providing a range of lovely bars, restaurants, and accommodation options, that’ll make you and your partner feel right at home.  


The final Greek island on our list, and by certainly no means the least, is Antiparos. This fantastic island is located just off the coast of its larger neighbour, Paros (see number 5 on our list), and is full of hidden, beautiful places to explore. 

If you and your partner are looking for a quiet romantic break, Antiparos might provide the perfect destination, especially if you’re a fan of traditional Greek food. 

Despite its small size and the quiet nature of the island, Antiparos is a great place to go snorkeling and diving. You can also organize a boat ride and experience the full beauty of the island’s landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mykonos good for couples? 

Yes, Mykonos is another excellent option for couples, as it has breathtaking views, gorgeous sandy beaches, and incredible sunsets. Not only is Mykonos an ideal location for loved-up couples, it’s also the perfect Greek destination for families. 

What was filmed in Santorini? 

A large number of films have been filmed on the picturesque Greek island of Santorini. Some of the most popular include, Lara Croft Tomb Raider, Summer Lovers, and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Which Greek island is Mamma Mia set on? 

The vast majority of outdoor scenes in the original “Mamma Mia” movie were filmed on the Greek island of Skopelos, located in the Aegean Sea. However, it’s worth noting that in “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again”, the filmmakers decided to shoot on the island of Vis, which is located off the coast of Croatia. 

The Bottom Line for The Best Greek Islands For Couples

To conclude, there are a wide range of idyllic islands that make the perfect romantic destination for couples traveling to Greece. So, as long as you do plenty of research beforehand and plan ahead, you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding the perfect location for you and your partner! 


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