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Best Time To Visit Mykonos

Is There A Good Time To Visit Mykonos?

It is best to visit Mykonos when the weather is hot, so you can get outside and enjoy some lazy days by and in the pool or ocean.

Of course, the summer months are also the busiest months for tourists, which may be an issue for those who like a relaxed time away.

During May and October, however, conditions are still warm, crowds are thinner, and hotel rates are cheaper.

That said, some hotels, restaurants, bars, and clubs may be closed during this time.

If you’re planning to visit in November or March, you’ll find this island to be much more peaceful, but it will be a little chilly, and there won’t be much going on in the way of eateries, nightlife, or general entertainment. 

As long as you don’t mind some of the hustle and bustle, head over to Mykonos in the dead of summer.

Parties with DJs are held between late June and mid-September, with a peak in late July and August.

Mykonos Town has a great nightlife from May to early October.

Best Time For Good Weather In Mykonos

All Greek islands and Mykonos have their warmest weather between June and September, when it’s sunny, hot, and the water is perfect for swimming.

During the summer, the water temperature increases steadily and is at its warmest during August and early September.

May and October are quieter despite the fact that the weather is still very nice.

This is generally because most people visit Mykonos for the nightlife, which is starting to dwindle at this point of the year.

Best Time For Greek Island Hopping 

Some of the most incredible islands are just a short ferry ride from Mykonos, including Santorini, Naxos, and Paros.

It is a highlight of traveling to Greece to take a ferry and explore the nearby islands. 

Best Time To Visit Mykonos

You can visit Santorini anytime between late April and early November, as it has a longer tourist season than other Greek islands.

Other islands are best visited between mid-May and early October.

Visiting Mykonos And Santorini At Their Best 

Daily Greek ferries run between Athens and Mykonos all year long, but only during the tourist season do ferries run between Santorini and Mykonos.

In general, direct ferries between Mykonos and Santorini are available from early April to late October. 

In April, May, and October, you may experience bumpier rides on a smaller SeaJet ferry.

As such, you may prefer a larger car ferry that has a smoother ride between June and September.

From November to March there is no direct ferry between Mykonos and Santorini, so you must fly or take the ferry from Athens.

Best Time For Saving Money In Mykonos

April, May, and October are shoulder season months, meaning hotels are cheaper, but there are also fewer activities, so you’ll need to weigh the pros and cons.

Prices for food and drinks are relatively constant regardless of the season.

Late May, early June, late September, or early October are great times to travel if you want good weather and cheap hotels. 

There are no guarantees, but good weather can usually be found during the first three weeks of October.

Mykonos Travel Seasons

The high season runs from July to early September: It’s hot, sunny, and there are plenty of people, but they’re never too many to be unbearable.

Pricing is at its highest point. The water is at its warmest, which is great for a dip in the pool or ocean.

It’s the best time to visit Mykonos if you want to experience the nightlife. June, July, August, and September are the best months for swimming and water activities.

In the spring, summer, and early fall, most of the best tours and things to do in Mykonos are open and running.

The shoulder season lasts from May to June, September through early October: Weather is great. Warm and sunny, but not scorching hot like the summer.

The place won’t be quite as busy, but there’ll still be a significant amount of tourists about.

Although everything is open in June and September, as we mentioned earlier, some doors will be closed in May and October, so it’s a bit of a compromise.

The low season runs from late October to April: As we get into the winter season, we are seeing gray skies, cool temperatures, and rain.

There aren’t many hotels or restaurants open, but there are enough to get by. 

Although there are few flights and ferry schedules, there is at least one per day going to Athens and Syros, but usually not to other islands like Santorini, Naxos, or Paros.

Mykonos Weather By Month

Mykonos weather in March: The weather is still cool, but winter is coming to an end, and businesses are slowly opening up.

By the end of this month, almost half of the hotels and restaurants will be open.

Mykonos weather in April: By the end of the month it may be warm enough for swimming and sunbathing.

75% of the tourist businesses will be open by the end of the month.

The town of Mykonos is still quiet at night, but a few bars will be open and there will be a light buzz about the place.

Mykonos weather in May: The middle of the month feels like the start of summer.

Best Time To Visit Mykonos

As the weather gets nicer, the beach clubs open, and the number of tourists starts to increase — at this point, all hotels and restaurants are open.

There are also a number of nightlife options available in the town of Mykonos during this period.

Mykonos weather in June: Everything is open, the weather is excellent, and the nightlife is going crazy.

The beach parties with DJs usually start about the middle of the month, making June a popular option for those looking to have fun and let off some steam.

For those who aren’t into crowded environments, it’s best to book tickets for later in the year.

Mykonos weather in July: Even though it is almost the peak of summer, it is still a little quieter than August.

Still, Mykonos town bars are fun and crazy due to its hot weather, its huge beach parties, and the crazy atmosphere of the town.

Mykonos weather in August: It is the busiest month on Mykonos with the most club parties, the wildest nightlife in town and on the beach, and the most beautiful weather even though it can be a bit windier than July and September.

Mykonos weather in September: The nightlife and activity quieten down a bit, but there’s still plenty to see and do, everything is still open, and the weather is still great.

Around the middle of September, the last big club party will take place.

Mykonos weather in October: In the beginning of October, the tourist season is still in full swing with good beach weather and a busy nightlife in Mykonos town, but by the middle of the month, many hotels and restaurants close for the season.

Towards the end of October, the island is starting to feel very quiet.

Mykonos weather in November: It’s almost winter, but there are still some things going on in Mykonos town.

Occasionally, you can swim in early November if there’s a warm spell in late season, but for the most part, the beaches are deserted.

Mykonos weather from December to February: Winter is a very quiet time on the island.

Temperatures are moderate by northern European standards with warmish, sunny days not unusual, but be prepared for lots of rain, gray skies, and cold winds.

The majority of stores are closed, but you can still get by.

What To Do In Mykonos

The island of Mykonos is a fantasy destination for tourists from around the world.

In addition to posh shops, restaurants, bars, and discos, there are tons of budget-friendly options available. 

You can have tons of fun strolling through the city’s cobblestone streets looking for historical churches.

You can enjoy a cheap coffee whilst taking in views of Little Venice.

If you want to, you can go to the top of the hill above the city to take in more spectacular views one afternoon.

Another fun thing you can do if you have children is to watch them play with locals at a small amphitheater.

During the peak months, you can enjoy your vacation at the beach, and in the evenings, you can party at different bars.

The Special LGBT Nightlife 

Mykonos isn’t famous only for its shopping. Its gay culture is legendary!

We are happy to report that it does live up to all the hoopla. There are plenty of places to go out, and the atmosphere is great. 

You can have an afternoon drink at Jackie O’ at Super Paradise Beach and go out partying to several places in Mykonos town.

Lola has a cool interior that you should check out if you can.

There is even a hidden Porta Bar with great vibes about. If you can find it, head on in; you won’t be disappointed!

You should also consider giving the famous midnight show at 54 Club a try, but be prepared for a heavy night!

Hidden Beaches In Mykonos You Need To Experience

When there are so many popular beaches to choose from, it’s nice to escape crowds and enjoy hidden gems.

A great tip is remote beaches have the best taverns! 

Agios Sostis: This is a great place to relax. Located just five minutes away from Panormos, this small beach can be easily found in northern Mykonos.

A small church guards the entrance to the beach. It is a cove with soft sand, but no sunbeds or umbrellas are available.

Fokos beach: The road to Fokos isn’t paved, although it is amenable to scooter travel.

Beaches like this one are far off the beaten path, and people come here to enjoy a natural environment and escape crowds.

Ftelia beach: At Ftelia, you’ll feel the hippy vibe. On the way to Ano Mera, take a detour to find this beach.

Windsurfing and kiteboarding are popular due to the high winds.

Kapari beach: Experience local culture on the tiny Kapari beach. Leaving Chora along the coast, you will find a very small, locals-only beach behind the chapel of Agios Ioannis.

Pack a picnic for your day at Kapari. Spend the rest of the day relaxing on the rocks after stopping at a bakery for filo pies.

There’s nothing like filling your tummy with buttery, flaky dough before kicking back and relaxing!

Average Monthly Temperatures

With its hot, dry summers and mild winters, Mykonos enjoys a Mediterranean climate. Between June and September is the best time to visit Mykonos if you’re a sunseeker.

On average, July has a maximum daily temperature of 84.2 degrees Fahrenheit and a minimum daily temperature of 73.4 degrees Fahrenheit. 

On average, January has a temperature of 55.4 degrees Fahrenheit and an average low temperature of 46.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Drawbacks Of Mykonos In Winter?

The water is nowhere near as welcoming a temperature, and the surf can be treacherous.

There is a general lack of business in town. Most of the shops, restaurants, and bars are closed as there is no tourism.

What Are The Best Beaches To Visit In Mykonos?

When visiting Mykonos in summer make sure you stay on the south beaches, or at least plan to be able to get to those more protected beaches when the wind picks up.

What Is The Average Rainfall Like In Mykonos?

August is the driest month, with 0 mm of rainfall and 31 perfect sunny days. January is the wettest month, averaging 30 mm of rain every four days.


Mykonos is a great place to visit and should be on your bucket list if you have never been before.

We can only describe Mykonos as the quintessential white sand destination.

You’ll find pristine beaches, rolling hills, and vibrant Mediterranean charm in one place.

Imagine luxurious resorts, natural beauty, idyllic sandy beaches, thatched windmills, and gorgeous panoramic pelagic views… Mykonos is heaven on Earth.


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