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How To Get From Athens To Mykonos

During your stay in Athens, do you intend to visit Mykonos? This comprehensive guide will help you to decide whether you should take the ferry or the flight from Athens to Mykonos!

By doing this, you will save yourself the time and hassle of trying to figure out how to actually get to the island and which route would be the easiest for you to take.

You will be able to understand the direction you need to take when you have the information we give you.

Taking A Plane From Athens to Mykonos

There is a possibility that in 2022 the Covid-19 pandemic could affect airline operations and plans.

To get the latest information about flight routes and schedules, please check online.

How To Get From Athens To Mykonos

Usually, the number of flights to Mykonos from Athens is greater than 15 per day from June through August.

Flights from Athens to Mykonos cost between $33 and $170, with a flying time of 35 minutes.

As the flight departs from the Athens International Airport, it arrives at the Mykonos International Airport located 10 minutes outside of Mykonos Town.

  • Flying With Olympic Air: Olympic Air flies from Athens to Mykonos seven times per day (in high season).

Olympic recently acquired Aegean, so it is now possible to purchase flights directly from both sites (at no extra charge).

An Airbus 320 (168 passengers) serves flights with an Aegean flight code. Dash 8 prop planes (70 passengers) are used for flights with an Olympic code.

  • Volotea: This airline also has direct flights from Athens to Mykonos.

There are two flights departing Athens during the course of the day, the first at around 5:35 am and the last at 10:05 pm. 

During the day, there are about three flights departing at any given time.

The return flight from Mykonos to Athens leaves about 40 minutes after the flight has landed, so there is always a flight from Mykonos to Athens. 

In terms of flight duration and cost, the flight from Mykonos to Athens is about the same.

At around 6:40 am, the initial plane of the day departs Mykonos and at 11:10 pm, the last plane that day departs Mykonos, so you can spend the day there if you wish.

  • Sky Express: These are also likely to fly from Athens to Mykonos in 2022, but it is not clear whether there will be any schedule details.

To determine whether they have flights that work around your plan, search the website.

Please check before you travel or use one of the alternatives we have provided.

Taking A Ferry From Athens To Mykonos

There is a possibility that the Covivirus-19 outbreak will still affect some ship operations in 2023.

For the most up-to-date information, please visit FerryHopper as a recommendation.

How To Get From Athens To Mykonos

During the summer months, there are usually more than four ferries between Athens and Mykonos per day.

Athens to Mykonos ferries cost between 30€ and 70€, and the trip takes between two and five hours. 

Taking the Blue Star ferry will get you to Mykonos for the least amount of money. Taking the SeaJet ferry will get you there as fast as possible.

It is best to check sailing times before traveling, as ferry schedules can change without notice.

  • Blue Star Ferry: Departing Athens every morning at 7:30 (365 days a year), stopping in Tinos and Syros.

Athens to Mykonos is about 5 hours by ferry. The ferry arrives in Mykonos at 12:45 p.m and then departs for Athens at 15:30.

It arrives there between 18:30 and 19:45. From June through August, there are ferries departing from Rafina (outside Athens). Rafina is the best option if you’re traveling from the terminal.

It’s easier to reach Piraeus from central Athens if you’re already there instead.

  • SeaJet: A catamaran departs from Mykonos at 7:00 am (sometimes even 7:30 am) and arrives at 9:30 am from late March through October.

Santorini and Naxos are among the stops.

Sometimes it will be the smallest ferry (the SeaJet2), and it will be the bumpiest trip, as well as the quickest ferry between Athens and Mykonos.

There isn’t much space inside. Rough seas are also the greatest risk of the trip being canceled. 

Mykonos is a relatively short ferry trip, so most travelers will be fine on the Blue Star or Golden Star ferry, but if you are in a rush and need to be in Mykonos as soon as possible, then you should take the SeaJet.

Additionally, SeaJet ferries depart from Rafina (closer to the airport in Athens) and arrive in Mykonos after 3 hours.

Which Ferry Is The Best To Take From Athens To Mykonos?

Blue Star Ferries are the most convenient route to get from Athens to Mykonos. They depart from the ferry port in Athens every morning at 7:30 am.

It is very early in the morning. By 6:00 am, you’ll have to catch the metro in central Athens to Piraeus in order to catch the ferry. 

During summer, there is also a Blue Star ferry that leaves Rafina port at 7:40 am and arrives in Mykonos three hours later.

If you’re coming by plane, this is a great option as the drive to Rafina is shorter compared to Piraeus. 

Mykonos is closer to Rafina than to Piraeus, and the ferry duration is shorter too.

It is strongly suggested that passengers traveling on a Blue Star ferry get guaranteed seating in Economy Class, for just a couple additional euros.

Blue Star Ferries offer a deck where you can take in the view and enjoy the sea breeze.

From Athens to Mykonos, the Blue Star takes 3 to 6 hours, which is longer than on the fast vessel.

There are no open-air decks on the fast boats and SeaJets that go to Mykonos from Athens, so you are unable to take in the views as well.

There is no way to get off the ship except when the ship stops in a dock.

The seats are like those in an airplane. In addition to being sprayed with salt and sea water, the windows do not offer many options for viewing.

Although the high-speed vessels can transport you to Mykonos more quickly than  traditional vessels like the Blue Star, you might prefer to take a bigger, stronger ferry.

The Blue Star is less commonly pre-booked, but if you decide to, visit FerryHopper, as it is the simplest and fastest way to do so.

When you have a set schedule, purchasing tickets for the faster ferries is typically advisable, especially in July and August.

You can easily buy ferry tickets if you’re currently in Greece and intend to spend a lot of time in Athens.

Before you plan your ferry trip, stop by a tour company and inquire about vessel schedules and ticket prices. 

Tickets can be purchased on-site. There is no need for comparison shopping since the government sets ticket costs.

It is not often necessary to book early for Greek ferry tickets since the boats are usually available, although there may be occasions when it is necessary. 

The faster ferries like the SeaJet sell out more frequently during peak travel times due to their smaller size and assigned seating.

However, the Blue Star ferry does not sell out very often.

Arriving In Mykonos 

There is a lot of activity when a ferry arrives in Mykonos. Each ferry arrival is met by a bus, so you’ll never be left without transportation into Mykonos Town.

Taxis are usually available as well, but they can be snatched up fast. 

Some ferries stay in port for just a few minutes, so don’t take your time walking down the stairs to the exit deck.

When the ferry approaches the island, prepare your bags and wait in line. 

SeaJet arrives at the Old Port, which is walking distance from Mykonos Town, but it is a considerable distance to the New Port, where the Hellenic Seaways and Blue Star ferries arrive.

The Cheapest Way To Get From Athens To Mykonos

Getting to Mykonos from Athens can be as cheap as taking the Blue Star car ferry or taking a high-speed ferry.

The most costly option is going to be a flight, nevertheless, a low-cost plane may be less expensive than a speedy ferry.

We recommend you plan in advance to avoid disappointment and get the best prices.


If you have gone through this guide in its entirety, you will now have an in-depth understanding of all the travel options you have available to you while in Greece and traveling from Athens to Mykonos.

Be sure to use the safest booking options to make sure you are not getting scammed, and book in advance to get the most money — The earlier, the better!


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